Are you ready for a biologic?

Take the biologic-ready questionnaire

Think it may be time to consider a biologic for your ankylosing spondylitis (AS) symptoms? This questionnaire can help get the conversation started with your doctor to help you decide if a biologic may be right for you.

1. When were you diagnosed with AS?

No matter when you were diagnosed, you’ll have questions about how to manage your condition. Have you noticed that your current treatment isn’t enough to help your symptoms? This may mean that you and your doctor have to consider other options, such as biologic medicines. How much do you know about them? Learn about biologic treatment.

2. Are you taking a DMARD medication, such as methotrexate, to help treat your symptoms?

For many people, DMARD medicines (such as methotrexate) may not be enough to help relieve AS symptoms. That’s why doctors may recommend a biologic as a treatment option. Learn about how a biologic like SIMPONI ARIA® may help you.

3. Do you feel that your current treatment is providing enough symptom relief?

AS is a progressive condition—it's likely to worsen as time goes on. Even when you are already taking certain medicines, symptoms of AS may still persist. A biologic medicine such as SIMPONI ARIA® may be a treatment option to consider for active AS to help manage your symptoms.