SIMPONI ARIA® is given as an infusion

After 2 starter doses, 4 weeks apart, SIMPONI ARIA® is given once every 8 weeks—that’s as few as 6 times a year through a needle placed in your vein, usually in your arm. The 30-minute infusion is prepared and given by a healthcare professional in your doctor’s office or at a local infusion center.

SIMPONI ARIA® is a biologic infusion treatment, used with the medicine methotrexate, for adults with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Methotrexate is taken as directed.

Your doctor should test you for TB and hepatitis B before starting SIMPONI ARIA®, and monitor you closely for signs and symptoms of TB during treatment. You should not receive SIMPONI ARIA® if you have an infection unless your doctor says it is okay.

Customized weight-based dosing

SIMPONI ARIA® offers customized dosing based on your weight. Before every treatment, a healthcare professional will carefully calculate the right dose for you.

Watch the SIMPONI ARIA® infusion video

After talking with your doctor, you may still have questions about receiving an infusion. This video walks you through the steps for the SIMPONI ARIA® infusion process—before, during, and after treatment—and explains what to expect during the infusion.

Please read the Important Safety Information and Medication Guide and discuss any questions you may have with your doctor.

The day of your treatment

Before your appointment, be ready to share your medical history and a list of medicines you are taking. If any medicines have changed, let your healthcare professional know that, too. It's also important to eat a healthy meal beforehand.

When you arrive for your treatment, a healthcare professional will perform an assessment of your health and check your blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, and weight. Before each infusion, your doctor will calculate the right amount of SIMPONI ARIA® medication for you, based on your weight, and will prepare your infusion. A nurse will provide you with the Medication Guide for SIMPONI ARIA® to read before each infusion. Talk to your healthcare professional about any questions.

SIMPONI ARIA® is given through a needle placed in your vein. This is called an infusion. It is usually given in your arm. The infusion will take 30 minutes. A healthcare professional will monitor you during the infusion and for a period of time afterward. If you have questions or experience side effects during or after your infusion, discuss them with the healthcare professional overseeing your treatment.

After your infusions, if you experience any side effects, call your doctor right away. If you forget or miss an infusion appointment, make another appointment as soon as possible.

Please read the full Prescribing Information including Boxed Warnings, and Medication Guide for SIMPONI ARIA®, and discuss any questions with your doctor.

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