Claim control of your treatment decisions

Talk with your doctor to find out if SIMPONI ARIA® may be right for you

Interested in finding out if SIMPONI ARIA® could be right for you? It’s important to have an open, honest conversation about your health with your doctor. Only then will you be able to work together to find the treatment option that is right for you.

Download the Discussion Guide

Here’s a helpful conversation starter. Fill out the Discussion Guide for SIMPONI ARIA® and bring it with you to discuss with your doctor at your next appointment. Choose the Discussion Guide that is appropriate for you based on your condition.

Here are a few suggestions for your next appointment:

Write down your symptoms, the medications you’re taking, previous medical procedures, and your disease history. Share this with your doctor

Tell your doctor about the symptoms you’re experiencing and how they’ve been affecting you

Be very specific about your symptoms. If you have pain, describe how bad it is. If it hurts, say something

Let your doctor know about any symptoms that may have changed or appeared since your last visit

Don’t forget to talk to your doctor about your treatment goals and the types of activities you’d like to be able to resume as a result of your treatment

Please read the Important Safety Information and Medication Guide for SIMPONI ARIA®, and discuss any questions you may have with your doctor.